Painting completed my life.
— Frida Kahlo
accompaniment by Nadia DeLane

accompaniment by Nadia DeLane

My name is Nadia DeLane and HHAF is inspired by my best friend and cousin, Tara. Some years ago, we lost Tara to sickle cell anemia. Since then, I have donated works to universities, elderly homes and wellness centers in her memory. 

Visual art inspires and highlights the brightness and vitality of life. Tara embodied healing art because she was joy. I loved her courage, her strength, her positive outlook, her tenacity, and spirit. 

HHAF understands the power of a well-placed painting, photo, or illustration for uplifting the weary and bringing joy into the lives of vulnerable patients and their families. Whether you are an artist seeking to donate or an institution seeking to beautify your healing site, HHAF has space for you.

With Love,
The Healing Hearts Arts Foundation